Basketball and Music

Basketball was my first love.  I was always about a foot taller than most growing up, so I could beat anyone one on one in my class.  Except maybe Norman...  nah, I could even beat Norman.  I was always coming up with different dribbling techniques, like the snake dribble, or the ol' up-high-over-the-shoulder-behind-the-back (I'd have to show you that to do it justice, it's a dynamite move), all sorts of spinoramas and what-have-you.  When it came down to playing with the team though I wasn't very good.  Court vision sucked, I couldn't box people out for the rebound, and my post-up moves were sub-par for a tall guy.  So I didn't really contribute too much to the overall good of the team... except we did win the championships in grade 9...  anyways, movin' on, I think I kind of have a point here...

Playing guitar or any instrument is very similar, it's easy to get all caught up in the flashy and new, but if you don't practice fundamentals, you're not gonna win the game.  (obligatory- we talkin' bout practice)  Gotta work on your timing, gotta work on rhythm... use a metronome, I'm finally starting to use one more and more after however many years of playing.  Jam with people as much as you can, but don't just wank on solos, it ain't about showing off, it's about complementing each other's music.  Listen.  You can always learn from others, no matter what the skill level.  The more you learn, the more there is to learn.  Seems when you start learning how to play music, you realize that you can't hit certain notes at certain times, but then as you keep learning, those rules and barriers topple over, and then you can seemingly hit any note at almost any time.  Gypsy Jazz is a good example of what I'm trying to get at.  Fundamentals first, then break the rules.

Basketball was my first love.  Still love it, though I don't play as much.  The thing I love about it is that you're in the moment and relying on your teammates.  Sure, you're thinking a few steps ahead, but it's all concentrating on the game.  All other thoughts are left behind.  Lessons I learned on the basketball court can be applied to music or any aspect of life-  Work on your overall court vision, and your meat-and-potatoes fundamentals.  It ain't all about you, we're in this together.  

Alright, that's it.  Started out just writing randomly, but turned out to be an advice column I guess.

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