You've got to walk...

Hey.  Ari here.
First post on this new website.  I'm dedicating it to my favourite artist of all time, Mississippi John Hurt.  When I first heard John Hurt's gentle voice and finger style, that was a moment that changed my life, as I know happens to a lot of folks when they first hear him.  I play and sing a John Hurt song or two almost every day when I'm busking or playing shows with Jasmin, so I don't always listen to him these days, but I have him on right now- Lonesome Valley on Pete Seeger's rainbow quest.  It still hits me in the heart, and my eyes have welled up with tears.  

Call me sentimental or whatever, it don't matter, I'll be listenin' to and playing his songs for the rest of my life.  Every once in awhile, somebody will come up while I'm playin' a song of his, and comments that they are glad some younger folks are still playin' his songs.  And I can see it in their eyes that they are touched deep down in their hearts, and my eyes might well up and I get that  tingling sensation in my head and neck.  That's about the best feeling that I get from playing music, the feeling of keeping a tradition alive, the feeling of connecting with a stranger on a deeper level.  That right there is what it's all about.

Some guy on youtube had a nice comment on when you first hear John Hurt-  "Its like sitting in plastic furniture your whole life then finding wood."  I like that.  Below is "Since I Laid my Burden Down."  Can't say I have a favourite song of his.  This just what was playin'.  I like the photos on this one.  If you read this, maybe post a MJH song or one of your favourite old blues/country/folk artists here!  I always love to chat about old blues :).

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