You Won't Find Me...

Jasmin's first post.

Tonight, after watching a video of Justin Trudeau talking about being a feminist I decided to put on my headphones and listen to Amelia Curran, one of my favourite female Canadian songwriters and my heart felt compelled to write a blog post about something important to me.  Women!!  

In 2011 I found my self at a cob building workshop put on by the MudGirls on Denman Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island.  The idea behind these workshops had a lot to do with women empowerment.  The price for the workshop covered the costs of the (amazing) food and our labour was used in exchange for the learning experience and new skills we were gaining, plus child care was provided by the group as well (we all took turns watching the kids).  Cob, for those that have no idea, is basically just clay, sand, straw, water and elbow grease.  We were a group of about 20 or so (mostly women) building a quaint house for a single mother on a magical piece of co-operatiive land, surrounded by forest and salal bushes, with deer wandering around unafraid and children running and playing constantly.  

It was a turning point in my life, being around so many strong, brave women.  I realized that, though it may be scary and uncomfortable at first to go against the grain, you never know who you may be inspiring to do so as well.  So it became less about how uncomfortable and scary I felt about being my true self and more about how my confidence can affect others positively.  Though I still battle with confidence issues and always will I try my best to put on a brave face and go after what I want.  This to me is one part of how women can help others be empowered.  The other way is to be supportive of others.  Believe in your friends!!!  

This is a very emotional topic for me.  In fact I had a moment where I felt like it was totally cocky to say that I want to empower women but I know that is a silly emotion.  Because I do.  We do have extra challenges and are more prone to confidence issues, clearly.  Therefore, I will always have underlying goals in music to try to empower myself and others to take their lives into their hands, to stand up, speak out, BE CONFIDENT.  

Women like Amelia Curran, Sarah Harmer, Ruth Moody and all the countless songwriters that I personally know, you are giving others a gift!!  I thank you.  It is very much appreciated.


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