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September 19

What a summer it was!!!  Our van Wilhelmina took us more than 22,000 km's around BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We played at 6 festivals including the Mission Folk Festival and Fire and Water Festival in Lac du Bonnet outside of Winnipeg.  We made many new friends, saw so many amazing bands, visited many a new town, hiked beautiful trails and were very inspired for the future!  We are so happy to be doing what we are doing and are so THANKFUL that many of you have been there with us, rooting for us and coming to our shows, sharing our posts, buying our albums and merch and supporting good live music!  

We have a few big announcements to make.  First is that we will be back in studio in October with the amazing Winston Hauschild of Little Island Studio's to work on a 5 song EP due to be released in May of 2017.  Second, Ari and I have decided that to move to the beautiful town of Salmon Arm!  We have made some amazing and beautiful connections in Vancouver but nature is calling!  We will be working hard to establish a community of musicians in Salmon Arm.  If anyone has contacts out there feel free to shoot us a message, we'll be starting from scratch once again and it's a bit scary but also a very exciting challenge.  

June 22

The summer has started!  It looks like it will be a very busy one for us with nearly every weekend filled with a festival or show.  Our spring was also very busy and we were so lucky to have seen a lot more of this beautiful province than we have before.  We made a trip to the sunshine coast and fell in love with the folks in Powell River.  We hung out on the island and saw a few ancient forests near Port Renfrew and Port Alberni.  We then played at the Elevate the Arts Festival in Courtenay and had such a blast!  

May 26
We just got back from our CD release tour "On The Dusty Trail" with our dear pals No Mothers.  What a gift it was for us to spend 12 days on the road with these guys.  All told we played 11 shows, 2 farmers markets, 1 radio show, busked here and there and drove about 3300 km's, including some pretty dusty trails indeed.  Thanks everyone who made this tour awesome!  

Now we are gearing up for another tour!  We are off to the sunshine coast for a week and then down to Courtenay for Elevate the Arts Festival! 

May 11th
We released our newest music video, Priorites, today!  Big thanks goes to Kale Beaudry for the idea and then doing what he says he's going to do.  It turned out great.  Go to our music page to check that out.

May 7th
You can now download our album off the website here, just go to the music tab and hit download.  If you want to you can have it for free, or if yah want you can toss us a few bones, either way is cool.  If you can we would love it if you shared it with your pals and took a look at our schedule to see if we can are coming to a town near you, come out and hang out, cut a rug with us and be our pal!  

April 22
We picked up our brand new albums today and are so excited to share them with y'all.  We are going to be sending a digital download copy to everyone who signs up for our mailing by May 1st.  Physical copies will be available at our shows in May, with our official CD release show scheduled for May 12th at Lana Lou's Rock and Roll eatery in Vancouver.  It'll start at 8:00pm and will have Leah Barley opening, followed by No Mothers who are also joining us on tour the next day!  Check out our Shows page for more info on that and make sure you are on the mailing list if you'd like a digital copy of the album.  

April 16th
Ari had been invited to open for blues legend Curtis Salgado at the Fox Cabaret on April 15th.  He asked Jas to play a few tunes in the set as well and man was it a hoot!  
Jas and Ari opening up for legendary Curtis Salgado at the Fox Cabaret on April 15th, 2016, photo taken by Kale Beaudry,

Jas and Ari opening up for legendary Curtis Salgado at the Fox Cabaret on April 15th, 2016, photo taken by Kale Beaudry,

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