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  1. Wanna Go Faster

From the recording On the Dusty Trail

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Well I'm flying down the road at a hundred and thirty
I've got someplace to go you know I'm in a hurry
When suddenly
There's a joker in front of me going about half my speed

I'm getting all pissed off, feeling hot in the face
I wanna pass this sucker and put him in his place
Yah I wanna go faster
I wanna go faster....

Well I got double solid lines as far as the eye can see,
If you don't like my pace that's too bad cus you are behind me
I'm just moseying on down the road, seeing what I can see
I ain't in it for a race, I'm just doing as I please

There's too much traffic and not enough time
No passing lanes for miles
C'mon guy can you please just go the speed limit when you're on the road
Cus I wanna go faster...

Well I'm moving over, hell I'm driving on the shoulder
Just to let you pass me by cus I'm such a nice guy

Now I see my chance, I'm gunna pass
Step on the gas put this sucker in the past
Yes I'm going faster.....!!!

Well I ain't surprised to see you on the roadside
Scratching your head and wondering why
Why your engine is on fire
You know I could just pass you by
But I got plenty of time and besides
Maybe you need a ride?