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  1. Long Shadow

From the recording On the Dusty Trail

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I've got a lot to carry and it is heavy heavy heavy heavy
So I take these burdens many and let these problems weigh me down until I can't get back up

That mountain on my back casts a long shadow...
Never shall I see the sun

Your problems are not real they are simply just made up and you've been standing in the sun this whole and just because you can not face the fact that everything really is okay you will just carry on your lonely and depressing ways

You always gotta find something to complain about your voice is falling on deaf ears. Don't wanna hear about supposed struggles, your pain, your strife, your fears. Just shut your mouth and join us now, we'll dance the night from here on out, don't be afraid let loose your limbs and sway just like the branches in the wind.

Come and dance with me
But I've got a long shadow....

Come and dance with me....

We will live amongst the trees, yes indeed, yes indeed...
We will sway along with the breeze